All About History – Issue 34 (2016)

All About History offers a energizing and entertaining alternative to the academic style of existing titles The key focus of All About History is to tell the wonderful, fascinating and engrossing stories that make up the world’s history and inspire new interest and joy in a subject so often wrongly presented as dry and dusty

Lost kingdoms of the Vikings
– From America to Byzantium, how raiders from the north altered the course of civilisation

Secrets of the ninja
– Inside the hidden world of shadow warriors

The women before Wallis
– Edward VIII’s scandalous affairs

Britain’s war girls
– 15 shocking facts about our unsung Great War heroes

Jefferson and slavery
– The president’s barbaric obsession exposed

Also inside
– Mutiny on the Bounty
– Boston Tea Party
– Battle of Culloden
– Mao’s China
– The French Revolution
– What if Trotsky had become leader of the USSR?
– Assassination of Archduke Ferdinand
– Navigation through history

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