Charles Tart – Transpersonal Psychologies

Transpersonal Psychologies by Charles Tart

Transpersonal psychologies is a compilation of various psychologies Chapters are written by different authors all very knowledgeable about their disciplines Topics include: zen buddhism, yoga psychology, gurdjieff, sufism, christian mystical traditions and western magic


Introduction Charles T Tart
1 Science, States of Consciousness, and Spiritual Experiences: The Need for State-Specific Sciences – Charles T Tart
2 Some Assumptions of Orthodox, Western Psychology – Charles T Tart
3 The Physical Universe, the Spiritual Universe, and the Paranormal – Charles T Tart
4 Zen Buddhism – Claire Myers Owens
5 The Buddha on Meditation and States of Consciousness – Daniel Goleman
6 Yoga Psychology – Haridas Chaudhuri
7 Gurdjieff – Kathleen Riordan
8 The Arica Training – John C Lilly and Joseph E Hart
9 Contemporary Sufism – Robert E Ornstein
10 Psychology and the Christian Mystical Tradition – William McNamara
11 Patterns of Western Magic – William G Gray
References and Bibliography

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