Daily Express – 23 06 2016

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    1. Shaun, why? Is it nice always pay for other countries?

    1. Roman, You are young so you may not know better. The reason that people in the United Kingdom voted this way is to keep out people from European Union countries from coming in to the UK.and doing jobs for less money that someone from the UK would do the job for. If you do not understand that logic think of it this way why does Pres. Putin allow thousands of students to come to the United States each year to participate in the work travel program if we are the enemy of Russia. Why don’t you hear about any negative things about the work travel program.

    2. Roman, Each year your government allows thousands of students to come to the United States to work and when they do they make more in two weeks then the majority of the Russian people make in a month. If you don’t believe me look on this site for students that have participated in the program.

  1. It’s being part of something bigger than ourselves. But it appears it might not be.

  2. Arnold, I suppose that was just one of the reasons. personally I believe that EU project was doomed from the start and brexit is a logic outcome

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